Thank you so much for accessing this page.😆

This site "FLAT SVG DESIGNS" is(will be) a comprehensive site for distributing icons, illustrations, animated items, and tools related to SVG. Especially I'm interested in SVG animation. So I will put effort into animated icons and illustrations more.

🙏🏻A small request

You don't need to get permission from me to use the material, so do feel free to use it to the extent that it does not violate the Terms of Use.

If you like my materials, I DO appliciate if you bookmark, add links to your site, or introduce on your blogs.🙇‍♂️

🎨About design

I create illustrations and icons based on flat design. Flat design has been a trend in recent years and is commonly used on many websites. Please try using the materials on this site!

📐About image size

All the materials on this site are SVG images, so you can freely decide the image size according to your usage.

Regarding the aspect ratio of images, this site uses a 1: 1 square for icons and a golden ratio of 1: 1.619 for illustrations.